Founding Data Scientist @ Supersimple

Founding Data Scientist @ Supersimple

🧑‍🔬 Founding ML Engineer / Data Scientist

As a spoiler, we don’t have a singular “ML engineer” or “data scientist” profile that we’re looking for. Really, we’re looking for people who might describe themselves as data scientists, ML engineers, data engineers, AI specialists or some other fancy words. Our product is 100% built around data, and we need a lot of different expertise on board to build out our vision for the future.

As the first dedicated data scientist at Supersimple, you will play an integral part in building up our data product to distill complex data into human-digestible insights.

Your work will empower companies across the world to focus on what they do best – so that they could create value in the world, instead of creating charts and reports that don’t help anyone.


We’re not looking for someone to run data analysis for us internally, nor for someone to build dashboards. Rather, you will be leading our efforts to build the most powerful data insight machine on this planet, and shaping our strategy for the long term.

Instead of only running experiments contained to data science notebooks, we want to bring your work out for the world to use. That means that this role is a combination of experimentation and actually shipping stuff. It is not a support function, nor a place for you to do theoretical work that’ll never get used.

At Supersimple, you’ll play a key role in both building and designing the actual insight engine to empower our users, as well as in shaping how our customers interact with their data through our platform.

If this is a good match, you probably have...

  • experience working close to product development
  • real-world experience with production AI/ML
  • experience working with some BI tools
  • some experience with building data pipelines
  • a passion for solving very real problems with data

We’re looking for someone that loves the idea of being able to do a bit of everything, when and wherever it’s needed (mostly scoped to the vague realm of “data”). Of course, over time, you’ll likely become our go-to expert in some specific areas, or take on the role of leading a team – whatever floats your boat.

To make stuff happen, we expect our people to make decisions and take initiative, as opposed to awaiting instructions. This applies to more than code alone – in addition to the product, we’ve got an entire company to build.

Your contributions will have a huge impact on Supersimple’s success.

Some of the important things


Our tech stack on the customer-facing product side is quite straightforward. React & Node, TypeScript on both sides and GraphQL in between. Backed by Postgres, running on Kubernetes & Google Cloud’s serverless stack.

Much of the data & AI/ML infrastructure is yet to be built – this is where you come in, though we don’t expect you to be an expert at every single thing there.

Wellness + getting stuff done

We don’t believe that a startup’s team should be working 24/7. We simply don’t think that’s good for the company nor its people.

We care about you doing meaningful work to push Supersimple forward while staying healthy & sane. Yep, providing health benefits is a part of this.

Things like unlimited paid time off and a 4-day work week are for the early team to figure out and implement together.

The bet here is that motivated, well-rested and focused people do their best work – and not overworked zombies. Zombies are bad business. Ironically, brains are good (for) business.


Our compensation package is top of market. We also want the team to own the business in a significant way through equity. Salary and equity are linked to each other, and depending on your preferences, we can lean more heavily in one direction or the other. As an early joiner, you can expect to receive a significant chunk of the pie either way.

Where we’re at right now

To make our vision of the future a reality, we’ve brought some great VCs and angel investors on board. We’re currently in private beta, working to make the first few customers absolutely love the product. To be clear: we’re super early. The insight engine is almost nonexistent, the data exploration capabilities are fairly basic (though kind of awesome) and we only support a handful of data sources. This is where you come in.

In case you took this heading literally: we’re building Supersimple as a remote-first company.

Sounds great? Apply here or get in touch at marko (at) and include a line or two about something cool you’ve done and/or what excites you about Supersimple.

Got any questions? 👉 marko (at) 👈

Know someone else that’d be great? 👆 (we’ll generously compensate you for a successful referral)


Marko Klopets Founder Does product & engineering work and likes pasta

In case this role isn’t quite for you, but the idea of building Supersimple excites you, let’s chat! We need a lot of different skills on board as we grow. Do get in touch.

Note: we’re also looking for a product engineer!